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Open your eyes through our new definition of design
A better way to tell your story by using our latest innovation,
the interactive wall by JENOSIZE

How to standout and engage target to participate with our information ?

Interactive Wall & Digital Signage deliver your message
by using a
simple touch technology + design story to create quick understanding and engagement.

Within 10 days of 2 national events: T.I.D.E 2015 and BIG+BIH Oct. 2015. We got..

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What if design are more than just an imagination?

Open your eyes through our new definition of design – a better way to tell your story by using our latest innovation, the interactive wall. We would like to introduce you to a new opportunity of communication which is not only easy to understand, but also great for sharing an information in a direct and effective way.

Why Interactive Wall?

Because designs are often deemed as an abstract issue which is hard to visualize. To solve that problem, we offer a new technology that can render an information into an object that everyone can participate with. The imagination becomes real through the animation, light and sound and can be enjoyed by only one touch. This exhibition was designed based on the minimal idea yet effective and easy-to-relate. Participants can enjoy the idea with the flows of picture and information without getting overwhelmed by tons of word and sentence. This can stimulate the learning process more effectively than any conventional exhibition.

The more we give, the more we get

JENOSIZE aims to change the whole world of communication by introducing our clients to a new innovative media. The process is that we will convert all the information and knowledge into an easy-to-understand picture and then used our latest technology to support the core of the information. We believe that exhibition should not be just a basic one-way communication (What, Where, When and Why). We need to focus on the message that we want to convey and create a two-way communication. By this method, we can be sure that the participants can become an active learner and get the best out of what we offer. This is the main purpose that we aim to achieve – to create an impact engagement experience that would benefit our society.

We offer the following services

Data Engineering

Gain empathy
Gathering data

Innovative Design

Data to interactive infographic
Creative story teller

Interactive Wall Creation

Application Coding
Hardware Setup

Visitors’ data Collection

Collect engagement data
Evaluate the success result

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