About JENOSIZE : Commercial Innovation Lab

Our philosophy

Jenosize Digital Group is a commercial innovation lab providing technology and marketing consulting with full-suite business solution. Having been in MarTech industry for 10 years, Jenosize Digital Group is spcialized in 2 main businesses; 1. Technology and Innovation 2. Digital Marketing and Event which are entrusted by several leading companies both public and private sectors. We hereby have run over 200 projects and a much more to collaborate with us.

Our passion is driven by one challenge:

" How can we Empower People to Unbox Future Upportunities?"

Fuelled to find answers, we are motivated to uncover new business opportunities for our clients. We hit the streets to gain insight and understand the local ground perspective. We burn nights brainstorming for creative new approaches. We venture bravely through different methodologies. We look globally for the best partners. Our experience has honed us to deliver great strategic solutions with successful outcomes.

Our reward is when goals become realised - bright smiles for a job well-done - as clients proudly implement our solutions for a lasting legacy we had a hand in creating. By connecting the dots for you, great impact is made possible, because at JENOSIZE, we are also known to be dream-makers”.

How We Work

We value every second

With our deep understanding of the exponential growth of technology and startup methodology, which is disrupting industries worldwide every minute, we understand the worth of every passing second. We give successful results even set against limited time and resources, as we always bear that environment in our minds as the initial key success factor.

1. Discover insight & core for optimal business impact.

2. Drive integrated strategy & solutions in both digital and physical realms.


3. Deliver sustainable results within limited time and resources.

A no-boundary eXperience


With the strength of our own service integration, we have no online-offline boundaries.
We think across physical and digital worlds to create a lasting impact to the customer journey at every touchpoint.

What we do

We create business opportunities by technology and creativity

Envisionthe future

We shape the future by looking through the lens of culture, human behavior, and business opportunities. The acquired insight creates a profound understanding, and lets us refine opportunities, aid in decision-making, and form associate alignment and organizational confidence.

Designthe great solution

We formulate specialised expert strategies, then follow-through with our consultations, technologies, and integrated marketing, to create the desired impact for your business.

Approachthe market

We draw connections between the product vision and the market by researching target insight, creating personalized communications and designing satisfying experiences in their journeys, making them fall in love with your brand.


We support our clients to drive organizational change by investing in developing innovative methodologies and training, as well as adoption of design thinking, digital transformation and integrated marketing, to ensure impactful engagements that extend beyond the brand.

We work on projects as we build relationships.

We improve our work quality through client familiarity and insight, which gives us an innate understanding to drive more success in a lesser amount of time.

Our People

Diversity is the key to creativity. Expertise is the key to innovation. Our talents come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Differentiated and unique perspectives let us see multiple business opportunities, envision the future, design a great solution, and realise it in real world.

We team up, we share passions, and we believe in the possibility of improving lives with our work.

Let’s Evolve Your Business Together!