About JENOSIZE : Technology & Marketing Consulting Group

Our philosophy

We are technology and marketing consulting group who provides full-service business solutions: Consulting, Technology and 360 Integrated Marketing (Digital Agency, Event Organizer & PR Agency) for national governments (Minister of Commerce, Minister of Science, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, CAT Telecom, etc.), Enterprise companies and International brands in various industries (Telco, Banking, Insurance, Fashion, FMCG, IT, Design, etc.)

Our passion is driven from the challenge that

" How can we design great solutions for the future & make it happened in the real world? "

This power motivates us to find the new business opportunities, dare to walk along the street and ask people to understand their insights, brainstorm for creative possibility overnight, brave enough to walk out off the way by doing different things, search for the best partner around the world to make it happen. After many trial experiments, we can develop the great strategic solution and successful results.

Our rewards come from the successful dreams becoming true by creating smiles, laughters, happiness, proudness with clients and partners while we are sitting to memorize this live moment seeing people using our solutions. They are enjoying, learning, growing, developing from current to the different results and improving their lives.

The great impact in the future starts from small dots here. That is why we are at JENOSIZE, sometimes people call us "Dream Maker"

How we work

We value every seconds

With our deeply understand exponential growth of technology and startup methodology which disrupt many industries around the world in every minutes, The successful results under limited time and resources is always on our mind as a first key success factor.

1. Start with insight & core for business impact.

2. Drive integrated strategy & solution. (both physical and digital)


3. Touch sustainable results under limited time and resources.

No boundaries Experience


With Power of Our own integrated service integration, we have no online-offline boundaries.
we can think across physical and digital world to make a great impact to customer journey in every touch-points.

What we do

Digitize Business Impact through Digital Innovation

Envisionthe future

We shape the future by looking through the edges of culture, human behavior, business opportunities. The productive insight create profound understanding, refine opportunities, aid decision-making, form associate alignment and organizational confidence.

Designthe great solution

We utilize strategies, followed by specilized expertise in consultation, technologies, and integrated marketing to create effective impact for your business.

Approachthe market

We draw the connections between the product vision and the market by understanding target insight, creating personalized communication, and designing satisfying experiences to their journeys, making them fall in love with our brands.


We support our clients to drive organizational change by invest in developing innovative methodologies and training to adoption of design thinking, digital transformation and integrated marketing, to ensure the impact of our engagements extends beyond to brand.

We work on projects, while we build relationships.

We improve quality of works through clients familiarity and insight, which lead us to understand and drive more successes with less amount of time

Our People

Diversity is the key to creativity. Expertise is the key for innovation. Our talents come from various backgrounds and experiences.

Differentiated and unique perspectives let us find many business opportunity, envision the future, design the great solution and make it happen to real world.

We team up, we share passions, and we believe in the possible of improving people's lives through our works.

Let's evolve your Business together.