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What is
Jenosize Marketing Cloud?

Jenosize Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based customer experience solution platform that provides businesses with a suite of tools and services to manage their sales, marketing, customer service, and other business operations. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities, including single customer profile IDs, multi-channel interactions, Omni-channel commerce, CRM, helpdesk, marketing and loyalty.

Why Jenosize Marketing Cloud

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01 Administrative Control Hub

Efficiently manage user accounts, define roles and permissions, and oversee company and branch operations all from a single integrated platform.

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02 CRM

Enhance sales efficiency with all-in-one Customer Management, tracking lists, details, activity, orders, and seamless data input.

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03 Marketing

Efficiently manage Tag & Audience, automate LINE OA flows, and easily handle LINE OA Rich menu and Flex message configurations.

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04 ChatHub

Real-time customer communication, automated responses, and comprehensive interaction logs for seamless support and insights

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05 Omni Channel Commerce

Omni-channel commerce, integrated LINE OA, and streamlined management for web commerce, products, orders, and coupons.

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06 Reports

Insightful Transaction, Leads, Customer Reports & Branch Data Export for smart business analysis and decision-making.

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Multi-Channel Interaction

Enjoy a seamless chat-to-shop journey with customer chat options through LINE OA, FB Messenger, or web chat, assisted by chatbots for easy and efficient deal closures.

Experience seamless shopping with our all-in-one chat and shop interface. Access product details, add to cart, checkout, and pay in a single interface. Our 24/7 chatbot acts as a sales assistant, finding products, tagging customers, and storing contact info. Enjoy convenience and personalized service for an exceptional shopping experience.


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38 single houses, 2 resort residences, 14 townhomes, and 6 condominiums sold - fulfilling diverse housing needs with excellence.

#Property Perfect O2O CRM

Surpassing 100K active users within 2 months and driving over 1,000 baht revenue from new channels.

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